Health Care in the Middle East

Explore the opportunities and challenges ahead for the players in the Middle East’s health care system—from policymakers and health care providers to insurers, pharmaceuticals to technology companies, and employers as well as patients. Gulf Co-Operation Council (GCC) countries are transforming their health care landscape. Policymakers, keen to reduce the burden of expenditure on the state, are introducing mandatory health care insurance.

  The private sector is being encouraged to take a greater role. Citizens are slowly being coaxed into staying at home for treatment rather than travelling overseas. Consequently, the market is seeing major reform and double-digit growth. A rapidly growing population and rampant lifestyle related illnesses only add to this perfect storm of investment opportunities.

Yet challenges and questions remain:

    How is the evolution of health care provision, including the introduction of mandatory health insurance, affecting patients, employers, care providers and insurers?
    How can the industry deliver better value versus patient outcomes?
    To what extent will the move to unify prices of imported drugs in dollars and fix profit margins impact the industry’s viability?
    Which technologies and innovation will help transform the delivery of care?
    What progress is being made in developing a homegrown medical workforce?

Health Care in the Middle East is an invite only event with a limited number of places available for senior health care stakeholders. We recommend you apply for your place as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.